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Binnowee philosophy

At Binnowee our vision is to create a nurturing environment that partners with families and the community and holds value in children and their learning.


We aim to provide a quality preschool where children, families and staff feel a sense of belonging and value in a collaborative and inclusive environment. As the welfare and wellbeing of each child is paramount, Binnowee aims to prioritise children’s safety and instil a child safe culture at our preschool by implementing the Child Safe Standards.


We believe that each child is unique and a capable learner.

We recognise each child as an individual who is valued and treated with acceptance, respect, consideration and care. We acknowledge that each child brings a diverse range of experiences, perspectives, knowledge, skills and interests to the preschool which contribute to their learning. We see children as strong, capable, resourceful and resilient learners and encourage them to be active participants in their own learning.


At Binnowee we respect children as capable learners by including their contributions in the program and encouraging children to make choices and follow through on their own learning and interests.   

We believe that children deserve quality education and care.

We aim to provide children with a quality educational program that supports play-based learning. We believe in creating a stimulating environment that develops and extends on children’s interests, strengths, abilities and fosters a curiosity about their world. We aim to provide children with a balanced educational program that includes play-based learning, spontaneous experiences and intentional teaching that is age appropriate, child focused and open ended.  


At Binnowee we believe play provides opportunities for children to learn about their world as they discover, create, investigate and imagine. Children guide the pedagogical program and are encouraged and supported to make independent choices in their explorations and play. We aim to provide a flexible routine where children have time to engage in learning and play, explore their interests and develop and master skills at their own pace.


We believe in fostering positive relationships with children.

As educators we support children in developing a strong sense of wellbeing through nurturing and trusting relationships. We believe that through the development of secure and supportive relationships, children develop confidence and feel respected and valued. By fostering positive relationships, children are assisted to develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others.


At Binnowee we aim to create a culture of inclusion and belonging where children practice and master a variety of skills and extend the boundaries of their world with the support of their educators.

We believe in fostering mutual, respectful partnerships with families.

We believe that quality early childhood education is enhanced by the successful partnership between families and staff where there is understanding of each other’s expectations and values.


At Binnowee we partner with families to provide a quality preschool that is collaborative and where everyone has a sense of community and belonging. We believe that parents are children’s primary educators and carers, and that family is the most important influence in a child’s growing years. We respect and honour the histories, cultures, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of families. We believe a successful partnership is built on trust, open communication, shared insights and shared decision-making. We encourage each family to participate in the preschool community and we support and welcome their interest, contributions and involvement.

We believe in supporting children to have respect for the environment and the world around us.

The natural environment at Binnowee offers open ended learning opportunities and we believe this green place needs to be nurtured and respected to ensure long term environmental sustainability. We embed sustainable practices into all aspects of our preschool and believe that involving children in the care, maintenance and sustainability of the natural environment instils value and respect for our world. 

We believe in a sense of belonging to the local and wider community.

At Binnowee we hold value in recognising the traditional custodians of the land, the Dharug people. Binnowee is named from the Aboriginal word meaning “a green place”. We aim to ensure that children at Binnowee have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the significance and importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.


We believe that pronouncing an Acknowledgement of Country is a way of showing awareness of and respect for the traditional custodians of the land.


We believe that the wider community plays an important part in children’s lives and we aim to collaborate with people, services and agencies to support children and families at Binnowee. We believe that fostering relationships and community connections leads to enhancing positive outcomes for everyone at Binnowee.

We believe that dedicated educators provide quality early childhood environments. 

We acknowledge that staff are professionals who are committed to providing excellence in early education. The staff bring diverse experiences, strengths, cultural backgrounds, knowledge, talents and interests to create a stimulating work environment that is based on a culture of encouragement, support and respect. We have a commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing professional learning as we believe this enhances outcomes for children and families.


At Binnowee we engage in reflective practice and professional development to build on our knowledge of the profession and to support continuous improvement. Our preschool environment is a place of collaboration, trust, respect, honesty and professionalism and we value the strong culture of belonging and positivity we foster.


Updated September 2023

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